Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Forecast 2028

Friday, May 26, 2023 at 8:14am UTC

Delhi, May 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity, Drug Pricing & Clinical Trials Insight 2028 Report Overview:

  • Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Opportunity: > 90 Billion By 2028
  • Global & Regional Market Forecast Till 2028
  • Controlled Release Drug Clinical Pipeline Insight By Phase, Indication, Company, Country & Drug Class
  • Comprehensive Clinical insight On More Than 200 Drug in Clinical Trials
  • Comprehensive Clinical insight On More Than 150 Drug Available in market
  • Drug Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight By indication: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia , Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension & Angina Pectoris

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The mechanism of controlled drug release has provided a novel drug delivery system which can be optimized, resulting in the generation of vigorous, strong and impressive clinical pipeline of controlled release drugs for a broad spectrum of disorders like cancers, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases and neurological implications. For better outcomes, both the researchers and the pharmaceutical industry prefer the maintenance of drug concentration inside the patient.

The popularity of controlled release drugs is anticipated to increase over time as their advantages over convential drug administration options enable them to attract attention and allowing more market investments due to the wide diversity of indications they are being tested for. Controlled drug delivery system has provided a novel platform that can be accordingly optimized with respect to the drug dosage being required. Drug manufacturers are now adopting this approach of drug delivery in order to enhance the sales of new as well as existing drugs for key indications.

Recently, the novel drug delivery system is being used to manage early morning blood pressure surge for hypertensive patients. Piramal Pharma Solutions in Kentucky, US carried out a systemic evaluation of a designed pulsatile drug delivery system. The dosage form can be administered at bedtime and the contents of the drug will release in early morning hours when the hypertension is the highest. Therefore, this synchronizes release profile with chronobiologic anti-hypertensive therapy and delivers the drug at specific time as per the pathophysiological needs of the disorder hence, improving therapeutic efficacy.

The use of controlled drug delivery system diminishes the side effects with reduced toxicity and maximum precision. It is noteworthy that the advent of controlled drug delivery system is a supportive technology in the therapeutic sector which is shaping the pharmaceutical market towards greater success. In the field of biotechnology, this controlled delivery system is an area which is gaining momentum offering numerous advantages over convential dosage forms and improved therapeutic effects, increased patient compliance and convenience.

With advancements in the field of drug delivery and even greater innovations, have contributed towards considerable understanding of the physiological barriers for efficient drug delivery. Traditional drug delivery is associated with rapid drug absorption which can sometimes lead to more intake of the drug which might to toxicity. The main aim to controlled drug delivery system is that instead of giving medications frequently, the drug releases in a systemic manner.

Recently, Biogen Inc. and Alcyone Therapeutics entered into a license and collaboration agreement to develop the latter company’s ThecaFlex DRx™ System which is an implantable medical device intended for subcutaneous delivery of antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) therapies. By the agreement, Biogen aims to leverage the patient treatment experience and accessibility for a broader population suffering from neurological disorders like spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ThecaFlex DRx™ System is the first implantable device designed to enable routine subcutaneous administration of ASO therapies to the cerebrospinal fluid.

The increased research and development of controlled drug delivery system has gained the interest of several pharmaceutical companies which has led to rapid increase of the market growth. The global market of controlled drug delivery system is expected to grow exponentially as key market players showing greater interest in the therapy. Some of the key players that operate the global controlled drug delivery system market include Amgen Inc., Sanofi, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Celgene Corporation, GSK, Bristol Myers Squibb, Boston Scientific, Exela Pharma Sciences, Intas Pharmaceuticals, Abbott, Bayer and several others.

Our report gives an estimated growth of the controlled drug delivery system market for the forecast period. The global market drivers and challenges related to the growth of this methodology. This report gives an in-depth analysis about the global market and current market trends with future market predications also covering the drugs available through this system in the market and their patent, price, dosage and sales analysis. Further strategies adopted by key players are thoroughly analyzed to understand the competitive landscape of the industry.

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