Turn Technologies' AI-driven "Advise" Service Helps People Teams Stay Ahead of the Job Market, Save Time and Money

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Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 12:05pm UTC

Turn Technologies' AI-driven "Advise" Service Helps People Teams Stay Ahead of the Job Market, Save Time and Money

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Advise finds talent, predicts job takers and helps discover how much to pay

CHICAGO, June 23, 2022  /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Turn Technologies, a platform that is revolutionizing talent acquisition for recruiters and people teams with high-volume staffing needs, today announced the addition of Advise, an AI-driven autonomous sourcing service that simplifies talent procurement. Advise enables businesses to reduce the time and effort it takes to hire the contingent and hourly workforce.

Advise gives people teams predictive analytics to understand job markets and hiring trends, find untapped talent and understand the nuances present in different regions, such as who is most likely to accept a job and what they should be paid. Using Advise, businesses can decrease time to fill jobs by 73% and reduce cost per hire by 81%. Turn can help HR departments improve job packages by offering more competitive salaries and benefits.

"Advise is a next-gen solution that provides accurate data about job descriptions, salaries and hiring strategies nationwide, with the unique ability to localize data down to the street level," said Rahier Rahman, founder and CEO of Turn. "Simply put, Advise enables autonomous hiring at scale and is the most effective way to improve talent quality while lowering hiring costs."

Advise is being offered as a free service for a limited time. Any business that is dependent on labor can now leverage the insights to address their staffing challenges. Users receive analysis per job and per hiring location, that includes:

●    The optimal hourly salary for the position
●    The most effective words to use in a job title and description
●    The highest converting recruitment channels
●    The impact Advise makes on the recruitment funnel
●    Lower cost background checks

Advise leverages the power of AI by analyzing billions of data points daily to understand the hiring practices of 500,000 companies, the performance of more than 20,000 talent acquisition advertisers and the work profiles of 94% of working Americans. This allows people teams to understand who fits the position and how likely they are to accept employment at the street level across 21,000 U.S. locations.

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Turn Technologies is an innovative HR tech company whose products are revolutionizing talent acquisition by dramatically speeding the hiring process and greatly reducing cost through autonomous data-driven sourcing and screening of the contingent and hourly workforce.

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